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Stories about Weiqi in Chinese (Χ-)
Wei Qi

An ancient game which is also called Go and Baduk
China is the cradle of  Weiqi, it originated from China with a long history of over four thousands years, in the history of Chinese traditional culture, it is regarded as one of the four well-known cultural accomplishments, i.e. Music, Weiqi, Calligraphy and Painting; the four accomplishments can appropriately reflect the progress of the development of human civilization of China in the old time.

As one ancient game, Weiqi was imported to Japan about 1200 years ago, it had a new name,
Go. In the late 1800's it reached western world. The same game is also played in Korea, where it is called "Baduk".

Even today, Weiqi or Go survives in its original as the oldest mind game in the world, it is obvious that a great achievements has been made in recent years. In China, there are over 30 millions of fans and this number is still increasing. In Korea, one fourth of the people can plan go, of course, there are more people playing go in Japan too, it is pleased to have more and more people in Europe and North American playing go now. Professional players from China, Japan and Korea are invited to attend the go congress and other activities to offer lectures and demonstrations, which are very helpful to the development of go in these areas.

The fact indicates that the people playing go and practicing to improve skills are likely improve in the aspects of intellectuality and ability of close reasoning and analyzing, it is also very healthy for human body and mind, especially for the kids and teenagers to improve their ability of understanding and memory. There are more and more universities and middle schools, even in primary schools in China have Weiqi Go as one of their courses.

Hand-Talk is another name of go, which means it is a kind of social activities, people get to know each other and become friends by hand-talking.

In general speaking, people surely benefit from this valuable and amazing board game.
go is an event good for all ages " Beautiful Mind "